The BCA program helps students to get a sound knowledge on computer applications which can prove as a perfect launch to a career in information technology. BCA program focuses on communication systems, information technology and their effective applications in business issues.

BCA Graduates are demanded in industry as many organizations want freshers whom they can train according to their own requirements. Almost all organizations today need candidates who can implement the knowledge of computers science principles for business problems caused due to interface of technology and business.

The various jobs available for BCA candidates are:

  • Software Engineer: The major responsibilities in this field would be software modelling and simulation, supporting maintaining and documenting software functionality, project planning and project management.
  • Test Engineer: Here the candidate will be required to generate test case and execution of test case and reviewing the bugs fixes for the test done according to the test plans etc.
  • Software Consultant: As a software consultant, a candidate will be responsible for business development, pre-sales, business analysis, requirement analysis etc.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer: As a QA engineer, the candidate makes sure that all of the programs function properly and everything in the website works according to plan.
  • Game Developer: If one is a game enthusiast plus have creative knack, game development field might just be right for you. It’s a challenging industry and you’ll have to keep applying yourself creatively to the job.
  • Database Administrator: Monitoring systems and platforms for availability, restoring and recovering corrupt database, evaluating and recommending new database technologies is the main job of a Database Administrator.

 A post graduation in any field is always desirable. A post Graduation boosts your knowledge and salary prospects; therefore it is advised to go for post graduation after BCA. After BCA, students can go for post graduation. One can go for an MBA, MCA or an MSc IT.

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